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Real Estate Services

Serving Montgomery, Prince George's, and Howard Counties

Getting the Word Out/Advertising

  • Mail Weichert's Custom "Just Listed" postcard or letter to target areas.
  • Give verbal presentation to entire sales staff at weekly office meeting.
  • Advertise your home every week an Open House is scheduled.
  • Introduce property to Brokerage community by holding Office Tours and Realtor Open Houses.
  • Display Weichert Financial Services affordability sheets at home.

Additional Items

  • Install personalized Weichert, Realtors for sale sign to attract potential buyers in the neighborhood.
  • Install electronic key box for realtor showings.
  • Email, mail and phone "top producers" in this market area.
  • Contact realtors who have like properties in surrounding area to find realtors working with buyers
  • Establish aggressive, elaborate advertisement campaign
    • run ad in The Washington Post
    • run ad in The Gazette
    • run ad in The Leisure World News
    • run ad in Rad Communications
    • run ad in Senior Beacon

Weichert's Industry Leading Open House Program

  • Place Open House Ad in local newspaper.
  • Place home listing in Open House section on Internet site.
  • Mail custom Open House Postcard or letter into neighborhoods and target areas.
  • Strategically place at least 8 Open House directional signs.
  • Place balloons on all signs to draw more attention.
  • Display detailed color brochure of property at every Open House.
  • Follow up with all guests who attend the Open House within 24 hours.

Additional Items

  • Place "Open House This Sunday" sign in front of house in advance.
  • Inspect property the Friday prior to the Open House5.

Seek Buyers on the Internet

  • Place listing into Weichert, Realtors Intranet to reach over 9,000 sales associates company wide.
  • Place listing on and to reach buyers worldwide.
  • Place listing in appropriate Multiple Listing Service using multiple photographs.

Additional Items

Packaging Your Home for Maximum Appeal

  • Produce digital photographs of interior/exterior features for utilization on all marketing material
  • Create detailed house brochure for distribution to customers and realtors
  • Create a Weichert custom "Just Listed" postcard or letter
  • Create Weichert Financial Services affordability sheet to display at house

Additional Items

  • Develop home improvement plan to increase marketability
  • Create additional displays or informational package on home including items such as
    • List of all upgrades/repairs completed on major house systems, structure (e.g., roof, plumbing, electric)
    • Utility information and monthly costs
    • Survey of property
    • Tax information
    • Local community information

Negotiate the Sale of Your Home

  • Keep apprised of pricing in community and report changes
  • Follow up on feedback from showings and adjust strategy accordingly
  • Review immediately (and monitor regularly) all incoming calls from brokers and call-ins to generate showings
  • Pre-qualify potential buyers
  • Market Weichert Gold Services Guarantee Program to buyers including:
    • Weichert Financial Mortgage programs
    • Homeowner's Insurance
    • Title Insurance
    • Weichert Home Protection Plan
    • Weichert Connections
  • Negotiate on your behalf to get you The Best Price For Your Home!

Working for you from Contract to Closing

  • Deliver/confirm delivery of fully executed contract to you and the buyer
  • Confirm deposit of initial deposit monies
  • Report sale to respective board(s) of realtors and Multiple Listing Services in applicable
  • Confirm with Selling Realtor the completion of mortgage application (if applicable). Obtain name and phone number of lender/mortgage loan representative
  • Confirm with Selling Realtor, the dates, times of termite inspections, home inspections, and any other inspections that are applicable
  • Notify you of inspection results
  • Assist you in obtaining repair estimates, if applicable
  • Assist you in negotiating responsibility for repair issues with buyers
  • Confirm deposit of remaining deposit monies
  • Periodically contact mortgage representative to confirm status of mortgage loan
  • Meet appraiser at property. Provide copy of listing and recent comparable sales/listings
  • Confirm house appraisal is adequate and inform you accordingly
  • Verify that all contingencies of sale have been satisfied
  • Confirm receipt of written mortgage commitment and follow through on any "Subject to" items
  • Arrange any inspections necessary to pass title
  • Confirm ordering of title work and obtain name and phone number of Title Company
  • Confirm completion of any agreed to repairs and forward copies of work receipts to closing parties
  • Forward copies of applicable certifications (e.g., termite, well, septic) to closing parties
  • Confirm time, date and location of closing and inform you accordingly
  • Confirm deposit monies ordered for closing. Verify if certification is required
  • Ascertain your receipt of final closing costs
  • Schedule with you and the buyer the date and time for final walk through
  • Notify closing parties as to walk-through results. Resolve questionable items prior to closing
  • Remove sign and key box
  • Verify location of keys, garage door openers and warranty document
  • Attend closing/settlement. Bring all applicable files, documents, keys and any other pertinent information


This is my commitment to you utilizing Weichert, Realtors Full-Service Strategic Marketing Plan to generate more buyers for your home. By generating more buyers, I will get more money for your home. I will be working and negotiating for you from the time you sign your listing agreement, until the transfer of the deed.